Stanislavski/Stella Adler - Lynette Sheldon, New York
Stanislavski - Richard Sarell, Melbourne
“Essentials” - David Myles, Melbourne
Voice Production - Stephen Costan, VCA’s Lecturer in Voice
Film & Television - Louise Talmadge, Melbourne
Masterclasses - Martin Landau, London
Singing (Intermediate) - Brian Clough, Melbourne
Belly Dancing - Paris

Feature Films
Watch Me”, Jill - Scopofile Productions
Crash Test”, Cindy Geeds - Scopofile Productions
“The Bank” , Trader - Arenafilm
“My Brother Jack” , Wealthy Lady - Samson Productions

Short Films
Atomic Spitballs”, Jane (Lead) - The Amazing Krypto Bros
“Butcher”, Lead character - Scopofile Productions
“Point of View”, Tiffany - Kris Welsh
“Tribal Life”, Mel (Lead) - Linfirm Productions
“Pulling Teeth”, Nurse - Oaktree Productions
“300 floors” , Basia - Acid for Blood Productions

“Tooheys New” Race Goer Exit Films
“Melbourne Nightlife” Patron City of Melbourne

Corporate & Promotional Videos
“Myers Briggs Personality Test” , Host - The Amazing Krypto Bros
“Recruitment", Host - The Amazing Krypto Bros
“Melbourne” , Host - Reach Around Films
“My Name is Nancy” , Host - NHK Japan
“Excuse me, can you help me?”, Host - NHK Japan

“Silly Spells” , Narrator - Wishlandia Productions
“Teddy Bears Picnic”, Host - Cartoon Creations
“Easter Bunny Magic Show”, Host - Cartoon Creation
“Goldilocks and The 3 Bears”, Host - Cartoon Creations
“Silly Olympics”, Host - Cartoon Creations

For many national and international brands for radio and television campaigns incl. Portmans billboards, Nivea, Yarra Trams, Federal and State Government campaigns, ANZ, Telstra, Citylink, L’Oreal Paris, Bolle, Durex and Renault to name a few. I have also voiced numerous animated shorts and tv pilots.

Reflex Copy Paper, Office Worker - Eryk & Tomek
One-Tel Anzac Day Tribute, Bar girl - Eryk & Tomek
Hitachi USA website, Futures Trader - Eryk & Tomek

Fluent French, Intermediate Japanese, Accents – Transatlantic, London, East London, French, Polish, Irish, Indian and many Character voices
Drivers’ License – manual Pistol Shooting, Drawing, Cooking, Bartending, Voice-overs, Animation, Animal Husbandry, Sewing, Painting
Darbuka (Turkish Drums) Tap dancing, Fire twirling


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